I just thought I’d recommend some late night reading, and some excellent reference books from my chums at O’Reilly. These have been invaluable to me as a Perl programmer, ones that have set me off on the jolly journey of Perlishness.

Learning Perl, 3rd Edition
Making Easy Things Easy and Hard Things Possible
By Tom Phoenix, Randal L. Schwartz

Learning Perl
“The Lama” : the first book I read on Perl, got me up to speed nice and quick, and highly recommended by most Perl programmers, go on – you know you want to learn this easy and powerful language!

Programming Perl, 4th Edition
Unmatched power for text processing and scripting
By Tom Christiansen, brian d foy, Larry Wall, Jon Orwant

Programming Perl
“The Camel book” : Bible of Perl, always keep to hand and you’ll never go wrong, has everything you need to know day-to-day. I keep it next to my Delia Smith

Perl Cookbook, 2nd Edition
Solutions & Examples for Perl Programmers
By Tom Christiansen, Nathan Torkington

Perl Cookbook
A smorgasbord of ideas and Perl idioms for tackling common coding tasks. The book contains hundreds of rigorously reviewed Perl “recipes” and thousands of examples ranging from brief one-liners to complete applications. Go get.

Advanced Perl Programming, 2nd Edition
The Worlds Most Highly Developed Perl Tutorial
By Simon Cozens

Advanced Perl Programming
How I learned all about how easy it is to develop complex data structures and more. I think I even took this, and read it, on holiday. Really.

Modern Perl, 4th Edition
By chromatic
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf

Modern Perl
All you need to know about how Perl programmers are doing things these days, well worth looking at some of the different ways things are being done today.

Perl Best Practices
Standards and Styles for Developing Maintainable Code
By Damian Conway

Perl Best Practices
Having arguments about coding standards? This is the goto (don’t use it) book which attempts to resolve them all. In theory. This books is known as the “PBP”, and arguments still rage, but a good starting point if you need some good ammo for your “this is how I’ve always done it” points of view..

Those ones are the basics to fill up your bookshelf and impress the neighbours.



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