Hello again,

I thought I’d bung up probably the best CPAN module ever! Well, not ever, but it’s so jolly simple and it Just Works. Here it is :

use Image::JpegTran::AutoRotate;
auto_rotate ("/path/to/$image_name");

… and that is it. Well cool, methinks. If you ever wanted your jpgs to be the right way round on your website then this does all the work. See my tagski CGI script for an example on how to use it.

All the info you need is on one page of CPAN. Simples!

If you want to know all about EXIF (well, your jpgs should have some EXIF data), then go here. I remember having to try to work it all out and do it myself, but well, all done by Image::JpegTran::AutoRotate!

An example :


… to …


That’s it, carry on,